Why We Run

Episode 9: The C-Word Club Part 2

October 25, 2019 Beth Baker Season 1 Episode 9
Why We Run
Episode 9: The C-Word Club Part 2
Show Notes

This is part 2 of our October breast cancer month series. Today I talk to Kelli who is a mom of 2, wife, professor, lawyer, fellow southern Californian and a new breast cancer survivor. 
 We have known each other since we both had babies in strollers (about 10 years) and she has always been such a supporter of my business and so generous with her brain and heart. 
 We set off on a trail today where Kelli had run before that is close to her house. There, she shares:

  • All of the hard decisions that had to made while having cancer
  • How she didn't like running, and thought running marathon would solve that. 
  • That there should be an honest passage in the owner manuals for having kids. 
  • The hardest part of having cancer.

This is a great episode, and I so appreciate Kelli's continues generosity of herself so that it will hopefully help others.

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